Wednesday, January 1, 2014

When visiting Ayr and North Dumfries...

Downtown Ayr, Ontario, Canada can be a bustling little place during the business week with its commerce, legal and health care sectors...but the best kept secret is the village's lovely calm between Christmas and New Year.

Friends and also patrons of AyrSpace Gallery have likened the winter context of Ayr to that of a Norman Rockwell (or should I say Peter Etril Snyder?) painting and I would have to agree.

This is certainly true with that Christmas feeling all around. We used to have community bonfires and sing Christmas Carols in this very park!

The truth is anytime is a great time to visit Ayr. It is a special place (and I have written a lot about place...) where authenticity still rings true - most of the inhabitants or business people in the buildings are the owners/stewards of the buildings.

This year the Explore Waterloo Region website Explore Waterloo Region - Ayr/North Dumfries suggested that our community, "is a unique and quick get away from the urban hustle and bustle."

I hope in 2014 that you will be encouraged to visit our 'little winter village' as I have lovingly referred to my hometown...even if you come in Spring or Fall.

In the quiet hours of early morning this New Year's Day I walked with my dog toward this park and noticed an Airporter creeping south into Downtown Ayr on Northumberland Street.

My mind flashed back to all the years I was part of the Christmas travel rush back and forth from a frenetic California lifestyle of 16 hour workdays and the after meeting freeway gridlock between Orange County and Los Angeles.

I was delighted with the realization that this van, which would shortly make its way to Pearson Airport, was not intended for me.